7 Tips to Impress A Recruiter

17 / 11 / 2022

Registering with a recruitment agency is a great way to get a leg up on the job market, as it opens you up to exciting new opportunities with some of Australia’s leading businesses. Whether you’re a blue or white collar worker, at ASTAR Recruitment we value our clients and do everything we can to support you in your job search.

You know what they say about first impressions, so if you’re keen to impress read on to discover our top tips for impressing a recruiter and landing your dream job.

Clear and Concise CV/Resume

Recruiters deal with many different individuals in the course of a day, but it’s the people with clearly defined resumes which really stand out from the pack. No recruiter wants to read through poorly written resumes, as this comes off as unprofessional. Before you register with a recruiter, sit down and optimise your resume. Highlight your past positions and any unique skills you picked up in the performance of your duties, and make sure to include a career objectives and goals statement. Ideally you want your drive and ambition to come across in your resume, as this is the key to relationship building and career success.

Speak with Confidence

There’s no need to let your nerves get the better of you. Your recruiter wants to help you succeed, so feel free to talk openly and honestly. If you’ve had an extended gap in your employment history, don’t let this put you off registering! There are many reasons why people might need to step away from work for a while, just let us know and we’ll be better placed to help you into a new position.

Highlight Achievements

Feel free to boast about any major achievements or awards you received in your previous jobs. A recruiter’s aim is to get to know YOU as an individual, and we want to see how you are able to make an impact within the workplace. This shows that you are motivated and eager to succeed, two big ticks for any candidate.

Ask Questions

Asking questions helps to keep the interview flowing smoothly, and both you and the recruiter will get a lot more out of it. If your recruiter has a job lined up for you, do a bit of research on the organisation prior to being called in for the interview. This way you will be armed with a series of questions related to the job/company, and you will be able to clearly demonstrate why you are an ideal fit for the role.

Reach Out

Recruiters are tasked with finding suitable candidates for roles, but they also appreciate hearing from individuals directly. Feel free to send a quick email or direct message on platforms such as LinkedIn, you never know, it could be the start of a career long professional relationship.

Follow Up Notes

After your interview has finished, it may take a few days to hear back regarding the hiring decision. You should never harass a recruiter or continually call/email requesting updates, but one thing you may like to do is send a follow up email a day or so after your interview. You might mention something you learned about the organization, why you are an ideal fit or perhaps pick up on a conversation you started with your recruiter.  This shows that you are serious about the job and are reliable, dependable and professional.


ASTAR Recruitment – Your Partner in Career Success

Now you know how to impress your recruiter, it’s time to put your skills to the test! We have a tonne of exciting new roles to fill across a broad range of industries, and we’d love to have you on board. Check out our open jobs on our job board and follow simply application process for your relevant roles.. We look forward to working with you!