09 / 05 / 2023

With the busy period upon us, the need for casual workers is increasing. But what happens when the season ends?

If you’re looking for work to be a little more permanent, consider the following to turn your casual role into something more long-term.

  • Talk to ASTAR Recruitment’s recruitment consultants about jobs that may have the opportunity to become permanent. Often, an employer will make it known to ASTAR Recruitment that a job could extend beyond the initial period and if the candidate is a good fit, it may just turn into a permanent position. Be sure to let your recruitment consultant know that this is what you’re after so they can keep you in mind.
  • Be reliable, professional, and motivated. At your casual role, turn up when you are rostered too, be on time, and be keen and enthusiastic. Seasonal periods for warehousing, hospitality and other industries can be busy, and employers are counting on their team to keep their business running as smoothly as possible. If you can demonstrate that you are reliable and keen to be there, your employer is likely going to want to keep you on if they can.
  • Be flexible. Taking on casual role with ASTAR Recruitment can be a great way to keep you in the workforce and learn new skills. It may not be your dream job, but you never know where it may take you. Many candidates start in a position that they hadn’t planned on and work their way to where they really want to be. Try widening your search, look at positions you may not usually. You just never know!

Of course, there’s no guarantee that a casual role will extend. Sometimes the job opportunity just isn’t there. But if that particular role doesn’t turn into something else, taking the job seriously and being professional and reliable is always going to be appreciated, and your recruitment consultant will be keen to place you again.